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cutting guide

step 1. what you need

fabric scissors (or any sharpened scissors)
measuring tape or ruler

step 2. locate the side seams

Connect the side seams together so that the front and back panels are separated. Once joined lay your t-shirt flat on a table as shown.

step 3. mark your cutting guides

With chalk mark the distance you’d like to take up in the back, side seam, and front as shown in the picture.

We recommend marking 0.5-1cm lower than your intended length to allow for the fabric curl once you re-wash your garment.

step 4. cutting

Slowly cut from one side to the other making sure to follow the current shape of the t-shirt. When cutting it’s best to make fewer longer cuts, rather than many shorter cuts.

Don’t worry if your cut lines are not 100% perfect as once you re-wash the garment the natural curl will hide any imperfections.

step 5. washing

Once cut, re-wash and line or tumble dry on low to get the garment ends to curl up again.


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