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Social responsibility

We believe a clothing brand is more than just its end product. We take responsibility in every area of our business and follow these key principles to ensure our production leaves a positive impact -

Australian Manufacturing
Fabric knitting process
Organic cotton
Plastic free initiative


We believe in fairness.

That's why our prices have been thoughtfully set to give our customers a quality Bandsome product at the best price.

Many brands charge an inflated price due to middle-man markups and expensive overheads.

By focusing online and practising a direct to consumer business model, we are able to set prices that reflect the true and uninflated value of the garment.

Australian Manufacturing

Bandsome has always been 100% Australian made.

Since 2013, we have established close relationships with local knitters, factories, makers, and printers across Australia, ensuring quality at every step of the process.

Our partners are paid honestly for their work, on a price set by them.

Every Bandsome purchase goes not only towards helping us grow but directly supports the Australian manufacturing industry.


By keeping production local we save on expensive shipping fees, import duties, and reduce our overall carbon footprint.

Each Bandsome garment is cut, sewn, and washed within a 15km radius of our head office in Sydney.

Organic cotton

All Bandsome pique and jersey cotton products are made using 100% organic cotton and approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification.

This certification ensures the materials are created without irrigated water, synthetic fertilisers, or the use of pesticides - resulting in a cotton with a low impact on the environment.

Organic cotton is more sustainable and creates a garment that is stronger, softer and superior to non-organic alternatives.

Fabric Knitting Process

Our organic cotton is custom knitted and dyed in Melbourne according to our own design specifications, creating a fabric that is truely unique.

All our fabrics are dyed using water base dye in compliance with the standard 100 OEKO-TEK accreditation.

For our outwear collection we use a Japanese grown and knitted blend of organic cotton, paper yarn, and canvas.

Plastic Free Initiative

The packaging we use for online and in store purchases are 100% plastic free.

Our initiative towards sustainability extends beyond the clothing itself. Providing longevity in more ways than one.

For all marketing, packaging, and shipping materials we use recycled paper and water based dyes.


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